The Christmas Interview

FREE Downloadable Christmas Interview!

💛 A print-at-home interview for children to get to know family and friends.

💛 Questions that are fun to answer and lead to meaningful conversations. 

💛  Find out Christmas favourites as well as well as what they would do with a time machine!

💛   The children will love asking the questions and finding out the answers. 


Print as many times as you like!

💛 The interview can be repeated with answers compared and memories shared. 

💛 Space for the interviewer to write about the person they are interviewing, explain who they are to them, and draw a portrait!

💛  Something to keep everyone talking and a chance to get to know each other that little bit better. 

💛  Questions get answered that wouldn't normally be asked. 

💛  If they enjoy it, please consider The Book of Me & You for their gift next year!



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