Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday

🧡  With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday behind us, now comes Giving Tuesday!

🧡  The chance to give a little something back and we are delighted to be supporting Maggie's Centres who support people living with cancer and their families.

🧡   We will donate 10% of sales of 'The Book of Me & You: A record of us' from today until 12th December. 


Why The Book of Me & You?

🧡  The Book of Me & You is a shared memory journal for an adult to do with a child, and it becomes the child's to keep. 

🧡  It's a place for the adult to tell their story and have the essence of who they are written down to be captured forever and will be a comfort to children being able to remember that person as well as remembering filling out the book together. 

🧡   The adult 'Me' can be grandparents, parents, or anyone who matters and 'You', the child, can be anyone six and over. 

Maggie's Centres
Work For Good

🧡  Facilitated by Work For Good, the money raised goes towards supporting people living with cancer and their families. 

🧡  24 centres across the UK and remote support for overseas. 

🧡   About The Book of Me & You - "The journal is such a brilliant idea and we're sure one that will help many families going forward." 

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