Colour Chronicles is partnering with the NCT

We are beyond delighted to be partnering with NCT (the National Childbirth Trust), a phenomenal charity that helps countless families through the whirlwind journey of becoming a parent.

NCT supports parents through the vital first 1,000 days – from the start of pregnancy until a baby’s second birthday. Alongside accurate, impartial information and supportive local networks, they provide answers and support, both practical and emotional, when it matters most. As the UK’s leading parenting charity, NCT campaign as the voice for parents, on the issues that matter to them most.

Personally, NCT has had a huge impact on our life. We signed up for a course over two full days to be held on consecutive Sundays a good month before our due dates and were lucky enough to be coached by Caroline Flint whom anyone within the organisation knows to be a demigoddess! 

A group of six couples, we were united immediately with our lovely bumps and all knowing that we were in this together - the promise of everyone we had ever spoken to, who had previously joined NCT. I never dreamed for one moment that we would be so lucky to all still be in touch four years later and not a week has gone by where we haven’t met up. One couple are our second child’s Godparents and another helped start the journey of setting up Colour Chronicles and launching The Book of You. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be here without them.


My children and the friends we’ve made through NCT


NCT is such an incredible charity dedicated to making sure there is support for all new parents and Colour Chronicles is delighted to be able to call itself a NCT partner and contribute from the sale of our books to the unbelievably important work they do.  

We are proud to support the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and will be donating £1 from the sale of each book towards the NCT’s charitable work of supporting all partners in the first 1,000 days.

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