Happy New Year and How it all Began, a Brand Introduction.

🌈 We're a little bit late getting started this year but that's okay. It finally feels like the year when we're all giving ourselves a bit of a break, no hard and fast rules, no ridiculous resolutions that do nothing but promote the feeling of failure, maybe just a reset and hopefully a good dose of optimism. 

🌈 I for one am feeling optimistic about the year ahead. 2023 saw fantastic growth for Colour Chronicles with more and more families loving the books and some really lovely feedback. 

🌈  Thank you to everyone who tells people in their lives about the books, it makes such a difference and it is appreciated so much. 

🌈  I would like to thank each and every one of you for being on the mailing list and take this opportunity to tell you the story of how Colour Chronicles came to be. 

The Colour Chronicles Story

🌈 “I created Colour Chronicles from my kitchen in Clapham. My daughter had just turned 3 and I wanted a way to record the big proud-parent milestones and the funny little moments. I also wanted a way to capture life from her point of view, with questions for her to answer as well as me."


🌈 “I wanted a book that wouldn't assume we were a certain type of family and that didn’t feel judgey. I couldn’t find what I wanted out there, so I made it. I thought other families would benefit, so I made it a business and put it out in the world."

🌈 “My daughter is 8 now and filling in our Book of You is an essential part of our annual birthday ritual. We love looking back on the year together and hearing how her memories compare to mine but the real fun is looking back on past years." 

🌈 “But even more than that I love hearing how other families - families of all kinds - use Colour Chronicles’ books to capture their memories, celebrate their stories and get closer.” 

🌈 We love the digital age but there's nothing like putting pen to paper, drawings, and handwriting to conjure up memories and feelings of days gone by. 

🌈 We are not just creating memory journals; we are fostering a culture of inclusivity, acceptance, and celebration of diverse family stories.

🌈 Every book can turn into a keepsake of shared memories that embraces the beautiful tapestry of family life.

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