Celebrate every family

Hi, we are Colour Chronicles. We make childhood journals to capture the magic and mayhem of family life - for every kind of family. 

As the wonderful chaos of family life speeds by, our fill-in-together books are designed to help kids and their grown-ups slow down, connect (sometimes even across borders), and share stories. They are a chance to have fun, see the world through each other’s eyes and save special memories - the good bits, the not-so-good bits and even the yucky bits.

We believe in celebrating every family - single parents, same sex parents, adoptive parents, bonus parents and blended families. Family members who are gay or straight, trans or cis, able-bodied, disabled and neuro-diverse. 

Our books are all created with inclusivity in mind and are 100% judgement free zones. We don’t assume how babies arrive, and we don’t assume which ‘firsts’ matter most to you. Our journals are designed so you can create a record of growing up that is as unique as your family. 

Colour Chronicles. Celebrate every family. 

Every childhood needs a childhood journal

  • Capture the magic and mayhem of real family life
  • Connect over the highs and lows
  • Cherish the moments that matter most to you


“I created Colour Chronicles from my kitchen in Clapham. My daughter had just turned 3 and I wanted a way to record the big proud-parent milestones and the funny little moments. I also wanted a way to capture life from her point of view, with questions for her to answer as well as me."

“I wanted a book that wouldn't assume we were a certain type of family and that didn’t feel judgey. I couldn’t find what I wanted out there, so I made it. I thought other families would benefit, so I made it a business and put it out in the world. 

“My daughter is 8 now and filling in our Book of You is an essential part of our annual birthday ritual. We love looking back on the year together and hearing how her memories compare to mine. 

“But even more than that I love hearing how other families - families of all kinds - use Colour Chronicles’ books to capture their memories, celebrate their stories and get closer.” 

Ruth Sturdy, founder, Colour Chronicles