Plan a 'YES DAY' One WHOLE day when you put them in charge... what could go wrong?!

✅ We've made it easy with our free downloadable
Yes Day Planner!

✅ Print it off at home, set the date, and watch them get planning. 

 ✅ Give your child time to plan the day
Rules for the Children

❌ Nothing dangerous or illegal

❌ Nothing too expensive (you can set a budget on the planner)

 ❌ No permanent consequences (new puppy for example)

 ✅ Have fun!
Rules for the Grown Ups

✅ You must say YES to EVERYTHING!

❌ Don't think about the mess

 ❌ Don't make suggestions, this is their day

 ✅ Have fun!
Happy Memory Making!
Colour Chronicles

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