Happy 11th birthday from the Book of You book club, where we collect and cherish childhood memories together.

1. The Moment

Year 11 - they're old enough now to know what they like - and what they don't. Let them choose the location for a day out, and take your Book of You to complete during your lunch break. 

1. Let them choose the destination
2. Pack your Book of You and pens 
3. Share your memories and fill in the book together when you stop for lunch

2. The Memory

Sisters Isla and Ursula sharing their memories.

To share your memory, tag @colour.chronicles on instagram. If we feature yours on our social or here, we’ll send you a book of your choice.

3. The Advice You Didn't Ask For

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”

— Oprah Winfrey, TV host, actress, and philanthropist

4. The Parent Friend

Scamp & Dude

Scamp & Dude's fantastic prints are perfect for tweens with their own sense of style. The brand was founded by Jo Tutchener-Sharp after she underwent life-saving brain surgery, and is on a mission to give back. When you buy one of their Sleep Buddies or Super Scarfs, one also goes to a child who's sick or lost a parent, and to a woman undergoing chemo. Oh and they do gorgeous women's and menswear too. 

Take a look atscampanddude.com

5. The Memory Maker

Karaoke Night!

Everyone needs their signature karaoke song right? Give your kids the chance to discover theirs with a family karaoke night. Take it in turns to rock out - props and costumes at the ready. Tone deaf? Who cares! It's a great way to show your little one you don't have to be perfect at something to enjoy it. 

Happy memory making book clubbers


Colour Chronicles Founder