Happy 6th birthday from the Book of You book club, where we collect and cherish childhood memories together.

1. The Moment

Year Six - you can't even count the years on one hand now. Don't worry thought, they're still tiny, and you're still their everything. So let's make a little you-two time. 

1. The day's activities are over; they're bathed and fully fed
2. Cosy up on the sofa with a blanket and reminisce on the year that was
3. Then get everything into your Book of You 
4. If they're writing now, it's a great chance for them to practise

2. The Memory

The 'Make Your Mark' page can be used for photos or even a self portrait!

To share your memory, tag @colour.chronicles on instagram. If we feature yours on our social or here, we’ll send you a book of your choice.

3. The Advice You Didn't Ask For

“My worst parenting moments, the ones I am least proud of, happened because I was trying to impress a bunch of strangers I'll probably never see again.”

— Janel Mills, Blogger

4. The Parent Friend

Dr. Siggie

Parenting expert and counsellor Siggie Cohen provides practical and compassionate advice for parents of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Think useful scripts and tips on saying 'no', homework battles, introducing a new sibling, and keeping your cool when facing a temper tantrum. Her Instagram posts, free resources, and online courses will help you feel more empowered - and less guilty. Hurray!

Check out @dr.siggie on Instgram or drsiggie.com 

Take a look at whatmothermade.co.uk

5. The Memory Maker

Chalk It Up

Okay, so permanent 'art' on the kitchen wall generally isn't appreciated. But what about letting your little one express themselves on a grand scale, without having to live with it forever? This is where chalk come in - particularly the big chunky pieces. They can go wild on the pavement or out in the garden, and chalk is also great to take with you on picnics or to the playground. Loving the chalk? Get some blackboard paint and create a permanent board in your home. 

Happy memory making book clubbers


Colour Chronicles Founder